Cezanne is a mid-ranged character that focuses on dealing damage over time and keeping a reasonable distance from his enemies while fighting. Because of this, Cezanne is considered a support type character, and can easily kill an opponent at low health, whether it's with his poison or with his rage skills and is good to have around. His attacks have good range to them as well (close to medium) and are able to stun/ poison enemies. All of these traits allow Cezanne to destroy the opposition if left unchecked. Unfortunately, Cezanne has a few flaws that set him back. Like Renoah, Cezanne is quite vulnerable when fighting up close and especially vulnerable when he runs out of SP. While Cezanne can defend himself better against Renoah, he still needs a bit of team support from time to time if he's being targeted. He is also the slowest character in the game, even outslowing Renoah in terms of speed, but his special skill can be used for fighting and escaping. Cezanne is recommended for players that enjoy having long reach and like inflicting damage over time.


The king of despair baptized by the Empress of Darkness.

Originally he was an arcane researcher under the flag of Guneil. Cezanne La Gatal, who pursues magic power and could do whatever is needed for his success, has achieved unprecedented success in the Inshuerra Kingdom. He, who changed himself into a lich, became crueler and was favored by Guneil.

The trigger, which made him into a lich in Inshuerra, was falling into the grasp of the Empress, but it was very trivial. At a time when he was a genius of magic and kept a strong physique, the great magician Guneil was not popular among women. The column he wrote about his youth proved to be a source of trouble. Guneil got angry because La Gatal insulted his ego, so Guneil abandoned La Gatal by sending him to dangerous duty.

In order to deceive the Vishell Empire and Seven’s League, Cezanne La Gatal was sacrificed as a as a scapegoat of a political plot.

However, the Empress identified Cezanne’s quality and made him a subordinate by desecrating his soul instead of destroying him. Afterwards, he became a member of the King of Despair and worked for the Empress.

Cezanne's strength comes from the fluid control magic and the mercury injected into his body. Generally, the undead tend to weigh very little and are weak in hand-to-hand combat. That being said, the body of Cezanne weighs 300~500 kilograms due to the mercury injection, and the free changing destructive power of high pressure mercury can cut a steel bridge pier in an instant.

Freed from pain and restrictions of his body by becoming lich, close combat capability reinforced by the mercury injection, and cool-headed judgment unique to magicians have vastly increased the notoriety of Cezanne La Gatal."

-Cezanne's character details from the shop.


  • Health Point: 1700
  • Armor Point: 1050
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 675

Controls and Combo ListEdit


Cezanne's controls and combo list from the beta.


Cezanne's combo list from the official release.

Type Attack Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost effects
Ground L Cezanne fires a stream of mercury towards the opponent that curves from the left.

200 - 400 (Front damage)

300 - 600 (Back damage)

Does not go in a straight line.

Can hit twice up close.

Ground L->L Cezanne fires a second stream of mercury from the right.

400 - 800 (Front damage)

600 - 1200 (Back damage)

Does not go in a straight line. None
Ground L->L->L Cezanne fires five lines of mercury at once, one going straight, two going diagonally on each side.

510 - 1410 (Front damage)

742 - 1710 (Back damage)

Along with L and L->L, this attack can be re-aimed by turning. None
Ground L->R Cezanne summons claws of mercury from the ground to launch the opponent in the air and poison them.

680 - 880 (Front damage)

770 - 970 (Front Alt + R)

870 - 1170 (Back damage)

900 - 1500 (Back Alt + R)

The spear appears at the tip of Cezanne's first L.

Damage calculations include poison damage.

Alt + R does more damage and breaks through an enemy's guard.
Ground L->R->R Cezanne summons spikes of mercury from his opponent after launching the opponent in the air.

1025 - 1225 (Front damage)

1115 - 1315 (Front Alt + R)

1383 - 1683 (Back damage)

1413 - 2013 (Back Alt + R)

Used as a combo finisher.

Tends to miss occasionally.

Damage calculations include poison damage.

Ground R Cezanne summons a poisonous puppet that chases down and poisons enemies.

370 (Front damage)

430 (Front Alt + R)

403 (Back damage)

476 (Back Alt + R)

Multiple puppets can be used at once. (Up to 3)

Damage calculations include poison damage and only involve one puppet being used.

Alt + R summons a larger, faster, and stronger puppet.
Special Shift Cezanne goes into phase shift mode, where he is mostly invincible until his SP runs out. None

Does not ignore debuff damage.

Renoah's Q can still hit Cezanne in this mode.

Roughly lasts 5 seconds

Ground Shift + R (While in phase shift mode.) Cezanne summons spikes of mercury from himself, launching nearby enemies.

36 - 250 (Front damage)

62 - 333 (Back damage)

The slight cooldown time stops Cezanne from moving for a brief second. None
Air Space + L Cezanne quickly summons spikes of mercury from himself to stun enemies nearby.

60 - 300 (Front damage) 

70 - 380 (Back damage)

The attack stops Cezanne's momentum in the air for a brief moment. None
Air Space + R Cezanne summons long claws of mercury to stab the opponent and poison them.

385 - 480 (Front damage)

455 - 600 (Front Alt + R)

430 - 570 (Back damage)

510 - 710 (Back Alt + R) 

The recoil pushes Cezanne backwards while in the air.

Damage calculations include poison damage.

Alt + R extends range and does more damage.
Drain Life Aura


(Costs 1 RP)

Cezanne emits a red arcane aura that damages nearby enemies for a limited time. A portion of this damage restores Cezanne's health.

300 (1 RP)

500 (2 RP)

800 (3 RP)

1000 (4 RP)

1300 (5 RP)

Directly damages opponent's health even when they have armor points.

Time and damage depend on how much RP is used (5 RP = 25 seconds)

Nether Prison


(Costs 2 RP)

Cezanne summons a cage of mercury from the ground that traps and poisons anyone inside. Cezanne can leave and enter the cage at will. 270

The cage only lasts 5 seconds.

Can also trap teammates, but they won't take damage.

Damage calculation is poison damage only as the cage itself deals no direct damage.


Guide Edit

Cezanne Guide

Rage SkillsEdit


Drain Life Aura: Cezanne creates a powerful arcane aura, dealing continual damage to all enemies in the area. He heals himself for half the damage that the enemies have taken.


Nether Prison: Cezanne surrounds himself with a wall that only he himself can pass. The imprisoned enemies get debuffed and damaged. It lasts 5 seconds, and cannot be destroyed.


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • Cezanne is the only character in the game that hits his opponents using only magic.
  • As stated before, Cezanne has the slowest movement speed in the whole game.
  • During the beta stage of Archeblade, Cezanne's R was originally similar to his Space + R. Rather than summon a homing puppet, Cezanne would summon claws of mercury from the ground that would slice and poison anyone in front of him. This can still be seen in early videos of the game.
  • The beta stage of Archeblade also had Cezanne's Nether Prison last longer than five seconds, sometimes requiring enemies to attack the prison and deal enough damage to the cage to free trapped teammates.
  • Sometime before the official release, Cezanne's Shift was secretly nerfed to have his SP gauge drain faster, making him able to only perform two Shift + R's instead of three or four. The reason why it was never mentioned in the patch notes is unknown.
  • Cezanne is possibly the 2nd tallest character in the game, being beaten out by Dan Mei and possibly tying with Sewon.


ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Cezanne

ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Cezanne

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