Dan Mei is a tanky character with high HP and good range. With both of these assets, Dan Mei can hit multiple opponents with ease and can last a long time in a fight before dying. Dan Mei can also chase down enemies and hold them in place, making him hard to avoid. Unfortunately, Dan Mei is the biggest character in the game, making him an easy and noticable target, especially for ranged characters like Elrath, Hyde, and Renoah. His speed is also less than desirable and he has to use SP to cover great distances in a short amount of time. Recommended for players who want bulk and range in a character.

Profile Edit

"The Warrior of the Giant tribe."

"He pledged fidelity to the Empress of Darkness who saved his tribe, previously under subjugation by human beings and elves, and became a King of Despair. Because Dan Mei didn't understand the identity of the Empress in those days, he didn't know what it meant to pledge his knife to the Empress.

Dan Mei and his tribe fought for the Empress of Darkness as her advance guard since the first compact. Human beings, elves, and other tribes who hunted giants were struck down by the troops of the Empress of Darkness. The giants were pleased to avenge them, but the body of Dan Mei started to change. He now neither gets old nor dies. If the Empress selects him, he revives even if his neck is slashed. Even if he throws himself into burning lava, he will revive simply if the Empress wills it. He is currently living restlessly as a King of Despair.

Although he gives numerous warriors despair while wielding a Red-tiger sword given to him by the Empress of Darkness herself, might it be himself who feels despair in the endless fight?

Today the giant of immortality may be wandering in the battlefield searching for the one who will put an end to his despair."

- Dan Mei's character detail from the shop.


  • Health Point: 2500
  • Armor Point: 1500
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 720

Controls and Combo ListEdit

(Note: All calculations were done with the middle training bot. Data is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0.)


Dan Mei's controls and combo list from the beta.


Dan Mei's controls and combo list from the official release.

Type Attack Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost Effects
Ground L Dan Mei swings his sword horizontally.

165 - 175 (Front damage)

250 - 260 (Back damage)

Has long reach. None
Ground L->L Dan Mei swings his sword again in quick succession.

330 - 345 (Front damage)

500 - 515 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L Dan Mei pulls back and swings his sword a final time.

470 - 690 (Front damage)

710 - 1035 (Back damage)

Has a slower startup than L and L->L

The last L can hit either once or twice depending on the circumstances.

Ground L->R Dan Mei winds up and stomps the ground, creating a quake that launches enemies in the air,

360 - 375 (Front damage)

445 - 460 (Front Alt + R)

550 - 565 (Back damage)

655 - 670 (Back Alt + R)

Has a slow startup time.

Alt + R has a noticably longer charge time.

Alt + R does more damage and breaks though guard.
Ground L->R->R Dan Mei spins and slashes his enemies with a horizontal swing to do additional damage.

485 - 635 (Front damage)

570 - 720 (Front Alt + R)

740 - 955 (Back damage)

845 - 1060 (Back Alt + R)

Can hit once or twice depending on if the opponent is in the air or not. None
Ground R Dan Mei performs a spin attack with his sword, sending enemies backwards.

255 - 260 (Front damage)

345 - 355 (Front Alt + R)

380 - 385 (Back damage)

505 - 510 (Back Alt + R)

Alt + R does more damage and gives Dan Mei super armor.
Air Space + L Dan Mei jumps up and punches the air below him.

165 - 170 (Front damage)

255 - 260 (Back damage)

Air Space + R Dan Mei charges downwards and stabs the ground with his sword, creating a linear quake that damages and stuns the enemy.

170 - 350 (Front damage)

215 - 420 (Front Alt + R)

250 - 520 (Back damage)

325 - 660 (Back Alt + R)

Can hit once or twice depending on the distance between you and the enemy. Alt + R does more damage and launches the opponent in the air.
Special Shift Dan Mei leaps up in the air and propells himself forward, letting him cover a great distance in a short amount of time. None None
Special Shift + R Dan Mei crashes down on his opponents, making a shockwave that launches them upward.

3 - 230 (Front damage)

5 - 345 (Back damage)

Damage varies depending on how close you land on your opponent. None
Shackles of Darkness F Dan Mei unleashes chains that tie down his opponent. The enemy cannot move for a short period of time. (Costs 1 RP) None

The chains last roughly 3 seconds.

Has short range.

Embrace of the Empress Q

Dan Mei uses the Empress's power to shroud himself in a dark aura, allowing him to be invincible to damage and debuff for varying amounts of time. (Costs 3 RP)

40 - 45 (Front damage)

50 - 55 (Back damage)

Pressing E will perform a super guard that will stun enemies nearby and will do a small amount of damage.

The amount of time availiable depends on how low Dan Mei's HP is when he uses the skill. The less HP he has, the more time he is covered in the aura.

(Full HP = 4 seconds)

(75% = 7 seconds)

(50% HP = 10 seconds)

(25%  HP = 13 seconds)

(12.5% to 1% HP = 16 seconds)


Rage SkillsEdit


Shackle of Darkness: Dan Mei casts a shackle that holds an enemy for a while.


Embrace of the Empress: Dan Mei becomes invincible for the inverted portion of his current HP. He will be immune to any incoming damage and debuff. It enables him to use a howling skill that paralyzes an enemy.


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • It is difficult to determine whether his name is officially either "Dan Mei" or "Danmei." This is because the name displayed on his combo list and premium costume refers to him as "Danmei," but his description in the shop refers to him as "Dan Mei." Either way, both forms are generally accepted.
  • Dan Mei is one of two characters that can force an opponent to stand in place with a Rage Skill, the other being Glacier Renny.
  • Dan Mei is the tallest character in the game.
  • Dan Mei also has the second highest HP + AP in the game with a total of 4000, being only beaten out by Tiac, who has a total of 4050.
  • Along with a few other characters, Dan Mei's Space + L had the potential to hit multiple times and stunlock the opponent due to it's speed. Unlike the others, however, Dan Mei's attack could hit up to three or four times if the opponent was launched in the air. This issue was later balanced out by giving his attack more cooldown time, only allowing Dan Mei to use it once and occasionally twice.


ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Danmei-0

ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Danmei-0

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