Dic is a mixed ranged character with good speed, good strength, and good endurance. Although Gaspar may be the more appealing option with more offensive skills and better range, Dic stands out from his counterpart by being the only character in the game that can regenerate armor for both himself and his allies using his wards. A good starting character for beginners, Dic is recommended for people who want a balanced character that can also help teammates. Dic is also a support type, with low stats, but has utilities for a team. He’s not bad for melee with his L attack, but nothing really specialized for it. His shotgun makes easy to finish an enemy. His EMP removes enemy’s armor, and ward charging ally’s AP.

Suggested skill:

LR + JR or LLL


"Dwarven ‘Symbol’ Hero"

The Senior General of Ginia. When the evil generalissimo of the Dwarf Empire who dreamed to govern the world suspected his downfall, and spread his blood relatives on the ground by manipulating his genes. The plan was to create the so-called ‘children of the generalissimo’. The by-product of the plan was Dic. Although Dic was born with cursed blood, he vowed to use his given power for righteousness and peace. He is serious, but he doesn’t understand that the eccentric character of dwarves could make other people displeased. Dic’s power comes from the special protein molecule carved into his body. This protein molecule is a sort of non-duplicable master key, which can receive preferential power transmitted from a reaction furnace located in Rockport, the city of the dwarves. Dic’s power armor resource comes from Dic himself. The problem is that the power used by Dic is similar to the one used by the generalissimo of the Dwarf Empire in the past, so some people suspect that Dic might be the reincarnation of the generalissimo of the Dwarf Empire. On the contrary, the three scientists who worked for the generalissimo speak without hesitation that Dic is a ‘failure’. The generalissimo of the Dwarf Empire had capabilities close to God. Compared to that, Dic is just a mediocre clone of the generalissimo. Dic’s abilities obviously can’t be compared with those of the generalissimo, but nobody doubts that he sides with righteousness and will use his power to prevent the evil ambition of the generalissimo and his followers."

- Dic's character details from the shop.


  • Health Point: 1950
  • Armor Point: 1050
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 740

Controls and Combo ListEdit

(Note: All calculations were done with the middle training bot. Data is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0.)

Dic's controls and combo list from the beta.


Dic's Combo List from the official release.

Type Move Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost Effects
Ground L Dic punches the enemy with his left fist.

195 - 200 (Front damage)

290 - 300 (Back damage)

Ground L->L Dic swings both of his fists down on the enemy.

395 - 400 (Front damage)

580 - 600 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L Dic charges the enemy with a shoulder tackle.

635 - 740 (Front damage)

940 - 960 (Back damage)

Good as a combo finisher. None
Ground L->L->R

Dic tumbles backward and shoots his shotgun at the opponent.

(Alt + R version) Dic barrel rolls backwards and fires two pink lasers from his shotgun.

620 - 625 (Front damage)

835 - 840 (Front Alt + R)

915 - 935 (Back damage)

1230 - 1350 (Back Alt + R)

Good for keeping your distance. Alt + R pushes the enemy backwards and does more damage.
Ground L->R Dic uppercuts the enemy, launching them upward.

420 - 425 (Front damage)

510 - 515 (Front Alt + R)

625 - 635 (Back damage)

735 - 745 (Back Alt + R)

Good for starting combos. Alt + R does more damage and breaks through the enemy's guard.
Ground R

Dic fires a blast from his shotgun. (Costs 1 bullet)

30 - 120 (Front damage)

50 - 300 (Front Alt + R)

40 - 240 (Back damage)

70 - 420 (Back Alt + R)

Will not work if Dic doesn't have any bullets.

The closer you are to an enemy, the more damage you inflict.

Alt +R does more damage, but costs 2 bullets.
Air Space + L Dic jumps up and swings both of his fists at the enemy

195 - 200 (Front damage)

295 - 300 (Back damage)

Dic keeps his momentum as he attacks. None
Air Space + R Dic jumps up and shoots both of his shotguns at the enemy, (Costs 2 bullets)

30 - 220 (Front damage)

50 - 600 (Front Alt + R)

40 - 480 (Back damage)

70 - 840 (Back Alt + R)

The recoil propells Dic backwards. Alt + R does more damage.
Special Shift Dic propells himself forward with the thrusters on his back. This also enables him to fly  in the air horizontally until his SP runs out. None Can be used to fly over pits. None
Nano Armor Generator F Dic places a blue, glowing generator down on the ground that heals Dic's and his allies' armor points. (Costs 2 RP) None

The wards can be destroyed by enemies.

Only three can be up at a time.

EMP Shock Wave Q Dic emits a shockwave of electricity around him for a brief moment. Enemies caught within the shockwave have their AP depleted to zero. (Costs 3 RP) None Has a surprisingly large range. None

Rage Skills


Nano Armor Generator: Dic installs a generator that restores allies' AP. It also detects enemy movement and indicates it in a map. Up to three wards can be installed.

EMP Shock Wave: Dic generates EMP to exhaust AP of an enemy all around him. And disables any machinery as well. 


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • Dic was one of the first three characters created for Archeblade along with Renny and Valle.
  • Dic is the only character in the game that has the ability to regenerate AP with his rage skill.
  • Dic was originally named Dick in the earlier versions of the game, but this was later changed.
    • Before the change, some fans also called him Richard instead of Dick.

An early screenshot of how the box would of been used.

  • Originally, Dic's guarding animation would have him hide under a cardboard box. This was planned to be a reference to the Saturday Night Live sketch, "Dick in a Box," but the concept was scrapped due to a networking problem that would occur whenever Dic would guard. [1]
    • Some fans have also pointed out the resemblance to how Solid Snake hides in a box from the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • Dic's original concept art has him out of his armor and looking slighly younger.




ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Dick

ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Dick


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