Elika is a short-ranged, versatile champion who specializes in doing high amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Her attacks have a wide arc to them, allowing her to hit multiple enemies at once or even slip behind the enemy, when utilized correctly. Elika can also pressure the opponent with the unpredictablility and speed of her combos, making her hard to counterattack. Her biggest flaw is arguably her low HP and AP, which makes her easy to take down when she is outnumbered or when she is caught in a combo. Recommended for players who want a fast character with strong attacks.


"Elika is a Dark Elf arcane-bullet magician who is also known as the Insurance King.

Elika owns insurance companies and other financial enterprises. Elika earns most of her money from the general meeting of the Dark Elf's crime organizations. Elika Bayer is actually somewhat of a matriarch for the Dark Elf. She superficially distances herself from the crime organizations, and her punishment is exercised fairly, whether it is from the same tribe or not.

Because of what?

The troublesome insurance payment regulation is driving her bad reputation, but she thinks she is fair.

Elika Bayer considers herself as 'the essence of financial industry' of Seven' Leauge, but others call her 'the evil of the financial industry'.

Due to numerous lawsuits for proposed insurance payments, people have started to spread rumors that she is killing recipients (which has actually happened on occasion).

The reason why Elika has developed such a wicked image is that she is one of the best arcane-bullet magicians in the world.

She is famous for remarkable combat abilities, eventhough she is a financier. The arcane-bullet, a new style of combat tactics combining magic and rifles was brought to light by Elika Bayer. Although she is called the creator of arcane-bullet, she didn't actually create it. However, it is true that arcane-bullet magicians didn't make a strong impression before she appeared."

- Elika's character details from the shop.


  • Health Point: 1350
  • Armor Point: 900
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 720

Controls and Combo ListEdit

Elika combo list

Elika's controls and combo list from the beta.


Elika's controls and combo list from the official release.

Type Move Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost Effect


L Elika twirls towards the opponent from the right and shoots them with her arcane bullets in a clockwise fashion.

335 - 340 (Front damage)

495 - 500 (Back damage)

Elika doesn't move straight forward, she arcs towards the right before attacking, similar to the Rennys' L. None
Ground L->L Elika moves slightly to the left and fires more bullets counter clockwise.

630 - 640 (Front damage)

905 - 915 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L Elika fires more bullets in a clockwise arc.

925 - 940 (Front damage)

1340 - 1355 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L->R

Elika shoots arcane bullets in every direction.

1005 - 1115 (Front damage)

1450 - 1675 (Back damage)

Has a large, AOE like range.

Damage gradually reduces the farther the enemy is from Elika.

Increases jump back shot damage to 58+20+50 = 128. Inflicts burning


L->L->R Elika leaps backwards and fires two arcane bullets that leave a orange and blue trail respectively.

930 - 940 (Front damage)

1040 - 1060(Front Alt + R)

1345 - 1355 (Back damage)

1495 - 1510 (Back Alt + R)

Elika's most ranged attack. Alt + R deals more damage, but has a longer startup time.
Ground L->R Elika kicks the opponent into the air.

635 - 645 (Front damage)

845 - 855 (Front Alt + R)

930 - 945 (Back damage)

1235 - 1245 (Back Alt + R)

Alt + R breaks through guard and does more damage.
Ground L->R->R Elika leaps in the air and spins over her opponent while shooting arcane bullets.

710 - 925 (Front damage)

920 - 1135 (Front Alt + R)

1045 - 1425 (Back damage)

1350 - 1725 (Back Alt + R)

The amount of damage can decrease if the enemy isn't in the air, if there's distance between you and your opponent, and/or if all of the hits don't connect. None
Ground R Elika performs a sliding kick that damages the enemy.

315 - 325 (Front damage)

475 - 485 (Back damage)

One of the fastest attacks in the game.

Can interupt an enemy's combo.(Success depends on timing and combo in question.)

Can pass through the opponent.

Ground R->R Elika slides back to her original position and fires two arcane bullets at the enemy.

650 - 670 (Front damage)

955 - 995 (Front Alt + R)

955 - 975 (Back damage)

1285 - 1350 (Back Alt + R)

Similar to L->L->R

Alt + R does more damage and gives the opponent both a freeze and a burn debuff.
Air Space + L Elika jumps into the air and shoots down towards the ground.

295 - 300 (Front damage)

440 - 445 (Back damage)

Elika keeps her aerial momentum as she moves.

Stuns the opponent.

Air Space + R Elika jumps into the air and shoots, using the recoil from her shots to backflip to safety.

95 - 225 (Front damage)

150 - 310 (Back damage)

Has horizontal and vertical range.

The attack raises Elika in the air slightly while propelling her backwards.

Stuns the opponent.

Special Shift Elika slides backwards to avoid enemy attacks and to give herself distance from the enemy. None None
Special Shift + R Elika shoots her bullets in a wide arc, stunning those nearby.

260 - 270 (Front damage)

665 - 700 (Front Alt + R)

380 - 390 (Back damage)

815 - 835 (Back Alt + R)

Alt + R does more damage and gives the opponent both a freeze and a burn debuff.


(Costs 1 RP)

Elika raise her gun in the air and gives nearby allies a speed buff for a limitted time. None

The buff lasts 10 seconds.

Speed is increased by a factor of 1.2 to 1.5

Bullet Storm


(Costs 4 RP)

Elika shoots her bullets in every direction, hurting anyone that comes near.

200 - 1200 (Front damage)

250 - 1650 (Back damage)

Elika is invincible to normal attacks.

Stronger version of L->L->L->R

Inflicts massive AOE damage.

Damage weakens the farther away an enemy is from Elika.


Rage SkillsEdit


Haste: Elika diffuses a haste buff around her. Allies in the area and herself gain the effect of a temporary haste buff which increases moving speed.


Bullet Storm: Elika indiscriminately attacks all enemies around her with her guns.


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • Elika was originally given the rage skill "Invisible Field," but due to its lack of function, it was replaced with the rage skill "Haste."


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