Elrath is a versatile champion with good melee and ranged attacks as well as good mobility. Her ranged attacks have excellent range to them and can often hit multiple enemies at once for a good amount of damage. However, she's quite frail and can only endure so much damage directed at her. Recommended for people who like to use ranged and/or AoE attacks.


"Elrath was originally a general of the North Elf Kingdom who symbolized love and devotion. Additionally, Elrath was a would-be bride who planned to marry her lover, but when the Empress of Darkness began destroying the Elf Kingdom, she resisted against the Empress of Darkness to the bitter end so that many of her tribe could escape safely. Elrath was eventually killed by the power of the Empress of Darkness, with her soul falling into the grasp of the Empress. After that, she was reborn as a dependent of the Empress and began destroying what she fought to keep from the enemy in the past. Elrath was originally a strong battle-mage, developed an endless hate toward transcendent physical capabilities, strong magic power, and all things she loved in the past after she was reborn as a dependent of the Empress and a member of the King of Despair."

- Elrath's character details from the shop.


  • Health Point: 1350
  • Armor Point: 900
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 720

Controls and Combo ListEdit

(Note: All calculations were done with the middle training bot. Data is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0.)

Elrath's controls and combo list from the beta.


Elrath's controls and combo list from the official release.

Type Attack Description Damage Breakdown


Boost Effects
Ground L Elrath swings her scythe upwards.

295 - 305 (Front damage)

435 - 445 (Back damage)

Ground L->L Elrath follow up with a horizontal slash.

630 - 650 (Front damage)

935 - 955 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L Elrath thrusts her scythe into the opponent.

925 - 955 (Front damage)

1370 - 1400 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L->R

Elrath pulls out her scythe from the back of the opponent, ignoring the opponent's front guard.

1300 - 1340 (Front damage)

1625 - 1665 (Back damage)

This attack is slow, but does a high amount of damage. 

The R at the end can be blocked by faster characters if they turn around 180 degrees and guard the pull back strike.

Ground L->R

Elrath smashes her scythe downwards, creating a purple shockwave that sends the enemy upwards in the air.

630 - 650 (Front damage)

755 - 775 (Front Alt + R)

930 - 950 (Back damage)

1095 - 1115 (Back Alt + R)

This attack has a slow startup.

As a result, the R can be blocked with precise timing.

Alt + R makes the startup time slower, but it does more damage and it can break through an enemy's guard.
Ground R(hold)

Elrath gathers power in her scythe, allowing her to send an ethereal star from her scythe. The attack has 3 levels of charge.

Level 1 charge:

135 - 145 (Front Damage)

195 - 205 (Back damage)

Level 2 charge:

250 - 255 (Front damage)

345 - 350 (Back damage)

Level 3 charge:

280 - 285 (Front damage)

355 - 360 (Back damage)

Can penetrates through players.

Does not apply hitstun

Can hit multple enemies.

Charge can be held for approx. 12 seconds. (Once the time is up, it will be fired automatically)

Elrath has movement during the charge.

Jumping cancels the charge, but falling does not.

Alt + R fully charges the attack to Level 3.
Air Space + L

Elrath jumps into the air, then slashes upwards and moving slightly forward.

255 - 265 (Front damage)

375 - 385 (Back damage)

Air Space+R (hold)

Elrath charges a shining purple projectile that explodes in a very large AoE (based on charge) upon impact.

Level 1 charge:

30 - 225 (Front damage)

35 - 315 (Back damage)

Level 2 charge:

75 - 320 (Front damage)

80 - 430 (Back damage)

Level 3 charge:

140 - 440 (Front damage)

145 - 590 (Back damage)

Drains enemy RP (more testing required).

Does not apply hitstun.

AoE increases with every charge.

This attack loses strength the farther it hits

Elrath cannot move in the air until she releases the projectile.

Alt + R fully charges the attack to level 3.
Special Shift + Shift (Costs 55% SP)

Elrath sets a marker some distance away, (indicated by swirling purple particles) then when shift is pressed again, Elrath is teleported to the marker. Can be used during a jump. The marker only lasts a few seconds, only one at a time.

None None
Summon Wall F (Costs 1 RP) Elrath raises a wall of stone from the ground in front of her to block incoming enemies. The wall is permanent unless it's destroyed or if  Elrath is killed. None

The wall can only endure a certain number of attacks before being destroyed.

The wall can also be used as a platform.

Anti-Magic Shield Q (Costs 1 RP)

Elrath summons a sphere that protects her and nearby allies from most debuffs. Such debuffs include: burned, chilled, poisoned, Empowered Burning, Inevitable Deadly Shot, SP drain, RP drain, and frost field.


Anti-Magic shield does not prevent Cycle of Life and Death and Shackle of Darkness from affecting a player.

 Anti-magic Shield does not last indefinitely and will expire when Elrath dies, 3 minutes have passed (Info to be collected.), or for 5 seconds after a single debuff is blocked. (The shield continues to function during these 5 seconds.) 

 A second Anti-Magic Shield may be cast while Anti-Magic Shield is active or expiring. 


Rage SkillsEdit


Summon Wall: Elrath creates a wall that blocks enemy's sight and route. The wall destructs itself when it gets a certain damage.


Anti-Magic Shield: Elrath gives an anti-magic shield to allies. The shield disappears after a certain period of time, or 5 seconds after blocking one debuff.


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • It is possible to stand on Elrath's Summon Wall by teleporting on it.
    • It is also possible to use Summon Wall again while standing on the current wall, but doing so will make the wall underneath Elrath dissapear.
      • With precise aim and quick timing, Elrath can teleport to the new wall after the old one dissapears. When this is done repeatedly, Elrath can reach the map's invisible ceiling since each time she summons a wall, it is raised higher than the previous wall.
  • Elrath is one of the few characters that can attack behind an opponent even when the opponent is facing forwards. She shares this trait with both Valle and Renoah.
  • Elrath appears in the first chapter of the Archeblade novel as an antagonist, taunting and provoking Valle to attack her.


ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Elrath

ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Elrath

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