Gaspar is an all rounded character with good stats and can hold his own at any range. His moveset focuses on being aggresive while putting pressure on the opponent, whether it's with his long ranged projectiles or with his carefully placed mines. A good character for beginners and the experienced alike, Gaspar is recommended for people who like playing offensively, but also want a versatile moveset.


"Gaspar la Velfanar was sent by the Dwarf generalissimo along with one of his three devoted retainers to the Empress of Darkness in order to conclude a pact, because the Dwarf generalissimo foretold his own death and subsequent revival.

Gaspar la Velfanar, was referred to as the third doctor of the Dwarf Empire who advanced the military science of the Queen's Land, was joined to the Empress of Darkness because she admired the knowledge of Gaspar and his ability to entertain her, unlike the Kings of Despair.

The Empress of Darkness worried that Gaspar's knowledge, genius, and creativity would be impaired if his soul and body are plundered, accepted him under her flag as a guest without plundering his soul."

- Gaspar's character details from the shop.


  • Health Point: 1700
  • Armor Point: 1300
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 680

Controls and Combo ListEdit

(Note: All calculations were done with the middle training bot. Data is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0.)

Gaspar's controls and combo list from the beta.


Gaspar's controls and combo list from the official release.

Type Move Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost Effects
Ground L Gaspar punches the enemy with his left fist.

270- 275 (Front damage)

400 - 405 (Back damage)

Ground L->L Gaspar follows up with a right punch.

540 - 550 (Front damage)

800 - 810 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L Gaspar performs a spinning slash with an energy saber in his left hand, hitting the enemy multiple times.

855 - 865(Front damage)

1270 - 1280(Back damage)

Gaspar moves forward as he attacks. None
Ground L->L->R

Gaspar propells himself towards the enemy using his thrusters, leaving a trail of sparks behind him.

(Plus spark damage)

1000 - 1010 (Front damage)

1840 - 1850 (Back damage)

The trail of sparks can also do damage to anyone nearby, dealing damage over time. None
Ground L->R Gaspar uppercuts the enemy, launching them upward.

540 - 550 (Front damage)

650 - 660 (Front Alt + R)

800 - 810 (Back damage)

940 - 950 (Back Alt + R)

Good for starting combos. Alt + R does more damage and breaks through the enemy's guard.
Ground R (Charge)

Gaspar launches a cannonball that explodes on impact. Each charge adds another cannonball to the attack, giving the attack more range and damage. (Up to three)

Level 1 charge:

20 - 200 (Front damage)

30 - 300 (Back damage)

Level 2 charge:

20 - 400 (Front damage)

30 - 580 (Back damage)

Level 3 charge:

20 - 600 (Front damage)

30 - 900 (Back damage)

Will not work if Gaspar doesn't have any cannonballs.

The shots will volley at an arc.

Gaspar slightly moves backwards with each shot due to recoil.

Damage increases the closer the attack hits.

Alt +R instantly charges the attack to level 3.
Air Space + L Gaspar jumps up and slams his fists down on the opponent.

305 - 310 (Front damage)

455 -460 (Back damage)

Gaspar keeps his momentum as he attacks. None
Air Space + R Gaspar jumps up and shoots a long ranged cannonball at the enemy. Up to three cannonballs can be fired while in the air.

(One Cannonball) 15 - 200 (Front damage)

60 - 290 (Front Alt + R)

30 - 290 (Back damage)

70 - 400(Back Alt + R)

The recoil propells Gaspar backwards with each shot.

Damage increases the closer the attack hits.

Alt + R does more damage and fires the cannonball faster.
Special Shift Gaspar propells himself forward with the thrusters on his back. This also enables him to fly in the air horizontally until his SP runs out. None Can be used to fly over pits. None
Motion Sensor Mine F Gaspar sets down a blinking mine that explodes when a enemy comes near. Up to five mines can be set at once.

(One mine)

430 (Front damage)

630 (Back damage)

The mines can explode even if the enemy is in mid air.

The mine's explosion can be blocked or avoided with a teleport.

Mad Scientist Q Gaspar prepares to self-destruct as a last resort to take down his enemies. Enemies are sucked towards Gaspar and, if caught within the blast radius, suffer major damage. (Costs 3 RP and HP must be less than 750.)

2600 - 2750 (Front damage)

3900 - 4125 (Back damage)

Can only be used when Gaspar's HP is low.

Gaspar is invincible to normal attacks.

Easily one of, if not, the most damaging attack in the game.

Due to the sheer amount of damage done by the attack, only approximate calculations can be made.


Rage SkillsEdit


Motion Sensor Mine: Gaspar installs a land mine that deals damage by exploding when an enemy comes into range. Up to 5 mines can be installed.


Mad Scientist: Gaspar explodes himself when he has low HP. It deals big damage and slows an enemy.


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • Gaspar is the only character in the game to have an attack that kills himself in the process.
  • Gaspar is also the only character in the game that can't wear face accessories.
    • This is quite odd as Dic, a character who shares many similiarities to Gaspar, is able to wear face accessories.
  • Gaspar's L->L->R in the beta originally had Gaspar leap backwards and fire a cannonball at the opponent, similar to Dic's L->L->R. This was changed to give Gaspar a more unique attack.
  • Gaspar's Mad Scientist rage skill is the most damaging attack in the game, being able to kill characters like Glacier Renny/Flame Renny, ElikaElrath, and Renoah at full health if they can't escape the blast in time.


Archeblade - Character Tutorial Gasper

Archeblade - Character Tutorial Gasper

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