Hyde is a ranged melee hybrid character who can sneak up on the opponent and do massive damage before fleeing away undetected. Like Ridika, Hyde can become invisible and surprise the enemy. However, while Hyde lacks Ridika's grace and agility, he makes up for it by having a bow and arrow to use for ranged attacks and strong melee attacks. Though a bit lacking compared to Elrath's or Renoah's attacks, his ranged attacks get the job done. Unlike the other two, however, Hyde's melee combos aren't something to underestimate, being able to deal significant damage to an enemy with a single combo. Be wary that Hyde can't take high amounts of damage well and his speed can be less than desirable at times.

Overall, Hyde is recommended for people who like an element of stealth in a character and those who enjoy using ranged characters as well.


"After the accident of Hell's Barrel and invasion of the empress of darkness, many crimes on fallen elves have increased. So elves started to form a viligante corps,and Hyde became one of the leaders.

He was a wheeler dealer at first, but by being a villigante, he became a powerful man. His cold and economical thinking keeps increasing his power no matter if it's legal or not.

Hyde uses an ethernal bow called 'Massacre' for both melee and ranged combat."

- Hyde's character detail from the shop.


  • Health Point: 1700
  • Armor Point: 1050
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 680

Controls and Combo ListEdit

(Note: All calculations were done with the middle training bot. Data is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0.)

Hyde's controls and combo list from the official release.

Type Attack Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost Effects
Ground L Hyde slashes at his opponent twice with his dagger.

275 - 290 (Front damage)

405 - 415 (Back damage)

Ground L->L Hyde aims lower and slashes twice at the opponent's legs.

550 - 580 (Front damage)

810 - 830 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L Hyde charges at his opponent and stabs them.

830 - 865 (Front damage)

1220 - 1245 (Back damage)

Hyde slighly pauses before he charges, leaving him slighly vulnerable. None
Ground L->L->R

Hyde fires an arrow at his opponent.

(Alt + R Version:)

Hyde fires five arrows at once.

755 - 790 (Front damage)

755 - 1630 (Front Alt + R)

1110 - 1135 (Back damage)

1110 - 2355 (Back Alt + R)

The damage for Alt + R can vary depending on the number of arrows that hit. Alt + R does more damage.
Ground L->R Hyde kicks his opponent and sends them in the air.

555 - 575 (Front damage)

665 - 685 (Front Alt + R)

815 - 830 (Back damage)

960 - 975 (Back Alt + R)

Alt + R breaks through guard and does more damage.
Ground L->R->R Hyde shoots at his opponents with his bow and arrow after launching them.

885 - 920 (Front damage)

995 - 1030 (Front Alt + R)

1370 - 1400 (Back damage)

1515 - 1545 (Back Alt + R)

Will usually miss if L->R fails to hit. None

R (Hold)

Hyde stands stationary and fires an arrow at his opponent. When held, Hyde charges his ethereal bow to fire more arrows.

205 - 210 (Front damage)

615 - 630 (Front charged damage)

300 - 305 (Back damage)

900 - 915 (Back charged damage)

Alt + R allows Hyde to dash in any direction and gives him an instant charge.
Air Space + L Hyde leaps into the air and stabs downwards with two daggers.

240 - 245 (Front damage)

355 - 360 (Back damage)

Air Space + R Hyde leaps into the air and fires an arrow while moving.

240 - 245 (Front damage)

555 - 570 (Front Alt + R)

355 - 360 (Back damage)

840 - 855 (Back Alt + R)

Hyde still keeps his momentum while shooting, making aiming a bit more difficult. Alt + R allows Hyde to fire multiple arrows for more damage.
Enchant Arrow F

Hyde concetrates his power into his next shot, making his next shot do more damage.

(Costs 1 RP)


The buff lasts indefintely until Hyde fires an arrow or if he dies.

Damage is increased by a factor of 1.5

When under the effects of the buff, the next shot will hitstun the opponent.

Caltrops Q

Hyde lays down a field of tiny spikes. Enemies that walk on these spikes are damaged and inflicted with a slow debuff.

(Costs 2 RP)

155 - 160 (Front damage)

240 - 245 (Back damage)

The debuff lasts roughly 5 seconds.

Enemies can repeated damage as they walk through the caltrops.


Rage SkillsEdit


Enchant Arrow: Hyde gets focused and fires an enchanted arrow in his next shot.


Caltrops: Hyde installs an obstacles around him to disturb enemy's movement. When an enemy steps on it, he/she gets some damage while his/her movement speed decreases.


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • When Hyde was first released, many fans poked fun at Hyde's victory quote and taunt, "I win. I'm survived." because of its poor grammar and Hyde's monotone voice. A video of this can be seen here. Several fans still joke about the line today.
  • Hyde is voiced by the publishing manager of Archeblade, Jay Kwon. [1]
  • Hyde is one of the only two character that can turn invisible, the other one being Ridika.

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