Hyun Woojin is an unplayable character created as a $80,000 stretch goal for Codebrushe's Indigogo campaign. Despite not being playable without the use of a mod, Woojin's model and some of his motion data still exists within the game's code, suggesting he was next in development to be a playable character.

Though the use of a mod, Woojin is able to be fully playable in both Training and on certain servers in Network Play. However, Woojin will not have a character portrait when picked from the character selection screen and cannot equip gear. While having some of his original animations in tact, Woojin's attacks and sound effects are borrowed from other characters. He also does not have his own Rage Skills, having Elika's "Haste" and Tiac's "Dragon's Valor" respectively. His Shift skill increases his movement speed at the cost of his SP, but it does not have an animation.

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"WooJin is a main character of an original novel 'Archeblade'. He is a sword master (aka Archeblade) who uses a two-handed sword, a Katana and an ancient Chineese sword. 

WooJin is balaced type character that is recommended for all players."

- Woojin's character details from the developers.


  • Health Point: 1650
  • Armor Point: 1000
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 620

Combo List

(Note: Woojin uses Hyde's Controls and Combos List as a placeholder.)

(Note: All calculations were done with the middle training bot. Data is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0.)

Type Attack Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost Effects
Ground L Woojin swings his sword horizontally, dealing two hits. 255 - 265 (Front Damage)

375 - 385 (Back Damage)

Ground L->L Woojin does an upward slash followed by a downward slash, hitting the enemy twice. 510 - 530 (Front Damage)

750 - 770 (Back Damage)

Ground L->L->L Woojin finishes the combo with a rising slash. 770 - 795 (Front Damage)

755 - 770 (Back Damage)

Ground L->R Woojin uppercuts the enemy, sending them into the air. 515 - 530 (Front Damage)

620 - 635 (Front Alt + R)

775 - 770 (Back Damage)

890 - 905 (Back Alt + R)

The damage for Alt + R is shown slightly after the animation plays. Alt + R does more damage and breaks through guard.
Ground L->R->R Woojin cuts the enemy multiple times while they are still airborne. 835 - 865 (Front Damage)

940 - 970 (Front Alt + R)

1225 - 1255 (Back Damage)

1360 - 1390 (Back Alt + R)

Woojin has no animation for this attack.

Similar to the last part of Cezanne's L->R->R combo.

Ground R Woojin quickly draws his sword, dealing back damage to the opponent if they are facing him. 225 - 230 (Front Damage)

325 - 330 (Back Damage)

Similar to the last hit of Elrath's L->L->L->R combo. None
Aerial Space + L Woojin leaps into the air and performs a downwards punch. 205 - 210 (Front Damage)

305 - 310 (Back Damage)

Similar to Dan Mei's Space + L. None
Aerial Space + R Woojin jumps into the air and performs a horizontal slash with his sword. 275 - 280 (Front Damage)

380 - 385 (Front Alt + R)

410 - 415 (Back Damage)

550 - 555 (Back Alt + R)

Uses the same animation for Woojin's L. Alt + R does more damage and gives Woojin super armor for the attack's duration.
Special W + Shift Woojin's running speed increases at the cost of his SP. None This skill does not have an animation.

Speed is increased by nearly 200%.

Woojin can jump, but cannot attack while this skill is in use.


Rage Skills

(Note: Since Woojin had to be modded into the game, he does not have his own set of unique skills. Instead, his Rage Skills and their effects are borrowed from other characters.)


Haste: Woojin diffuses a haste buff around him. Allies in the area and himself gain the effect of a temporary haste buff which increases moving speed. (Borrowed from Elika.)


Dragon's Valor: Woojin gains the power of dragon for a while. Upon activation, he goes into super armor mode, and his attack damage and armor increases. (Borrowed from Tiac.)



  • Credit for the Woojin mod goes to the Steam user, Placebo.
  • Many of Woojin's moves share similarities with other characters' moves. These include:
    • Woojin having Dan Mei's Space + L.
    • The last part of Woojin's L->R->R combo has the same properties as Cezanne's L->R->R combo as both attacks end with hitting the enemy multiple times while airborne.
    • Woojin's R is similar to the last hit of Elrath's L->L->L->R combo as they can both hit the opponent for back damage when they face toward you.
    • Woojin has Elika's Haste and Tiac's Dragon's Valor respectively.
  • Like Renoah, Woojin has no voice. However, this is due to Woojin never having a voice actor as he is an unfinished character.
  • Woojin only has one taunt as opposed to two.
  • Woojin is the slowest character in the game with a speed of 620. However, his Shift and F can make him go faster, if necessary.


Woojin Mod Showcase

Woojin Mod Showcase

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