"Nothing to think about. Kill them all who oppose you!"

Naga's Pit is a free for all map where players must kill each other to gain points. Like Summer Island, there are no teams. The game ends when either a player reaches 70 points, time runs out, or if everyone else leaves the server. The default maximum amount of people that can play at Naga's Pit is eight people per server and the amount of time in a match is 20 minutes.


Naga's Pit has three floors with a huge hole in the middle of each. To traverse the map, the player can utilize the stairways and ramps that connect each floor. There is also a teleporter on the bottom floor that allows players quick access to the top floor and an wide, open path that allows players to jump from the top floor to the outside of the second floor safely. Players can also try to use the hole in the middle to leap from a higher floor to a lower floor, but this requires the use of precise jumping and/or the use of attacks that allow you to move in midair. Such a technique requires practice. There are four pickups in the map:

  • One HP pickup is on a small platform in the middle of the second floor.
  • One HP pickup is near the ramp on the bottom floor.
  • One SP pickup can be found outside the teleporter exit on the top floor.
  • One RP pickup can be found after crossing the bridge outside the second floor.

Along with these pickups, there are also small HP pickups positioned above the second floor, on the bridge outside, and on the ramps and stairways leading up and down each floor.



  • Naga's Pit is the only map to have three floors.
  • Due to an oversight with the collision detection, it is possible to stand inside the wooden pillars on the bottom and middle floors. This was not possible in previous versions of the game. Other players can still attack the player, however.
  • It is also possible to stand on the stone pillars near the gate outside if you glide from the top floor as Ridika, Elrath, Gaspar, or Dic. This trick can be done on either pillar.
    • Likewise, the same trick can be applied to the support beams over the wooden bridge.

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