"Conquer and protect the five capture points in a map. You better to cooperate with your teammates."

Nether Dale is a 7v7 map where the objective is to gather the most points by capturing pylons scattered across the map. The game ends when a team reaches a certain amount of points displayed at the top of the screen, if all of the players on one team leave the server, or if time runs out. The default number of points is 2000 and the time limit is 30+ minutes.


Nether Dale is one of the largest maps in the game with many areas and routes to explore. Most of the map consists of a wide open space, allowing for multiple fights to occur at once. It has five pylons centered around the map; one near your team's spawn, one near the opponent's spawn on the other edge of the map, one on the left and right sides of the map, and one in the middle. There are also various pickups scattered around the map:

  • Two RP pickups, (One on each team's side, that are situated on a platform near lava,)
  • Two HP pickups, (One for each pylon on the sides of the map)
  • Two SP pickups, (One for each path from the middle pylon to the left and right pylons.)

The pathways that lead to pylons will often have small HP pickups to lead the way and well as give the player the opportunity to regain health, just in case the main HP pickup is absent. Each team also has a teleporter located near their starting pylon that can be used to teleport to their opponent's starting pylon, if needed.