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Flame Dancer Renny (commonly called Frenny) is an alternate form of Renny that shares many similarities with Glacier Renny. Both of them can teleport with shift, both of them have Deathless Armor as one of their Rage Skills, and both of them have some of the same attacks. In general, they are both fast, close ranged characters who can deal high amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Be wary that both Rennys have low HP and AP and can loose a large portion of their health or outright die if caught in a combo.

While both Rennys can be considered glass cannons(Damage Dealer type: low heath, and high damage), Flame Renny can be considered the more offensive form of Renny when compared to her icy counterpart since she can inflict damage over time with her flame debuff and has more combos to work with, giving her more variety in battle. Flame Renny also has a better time using air combos since she has two attacks that launch opponents into the air, an additional air attack, and a moves that work to finish an air combo.

Flame Renny has the same L attack with Renny ice, but her R attack has fire element. She’s hard to control like ice one. Teleport, timing of attack, and distancing is the core of her attack.

Suggested skill:


Can be good in the hands of a beginner and amazing in the hands of a pro, Flame Renny is recommended for players who enjoy having raw speed and power, as well as those who like to experiment with combos.


"Renny Rich'Lich is the Senior General of Odessa. Renny is the magic fighter who became an undead by exchanging her own life power with magic, she is also the lecturer of combat magic at Odessa Academy.

Originally she was a pupil of the great magician Guneil of Ishuerra. However, she couldn't stand the darkness and dampness peculiar to the undead and was exiled to Seven's Leauge when Guneil founded a nation for the undead.

Officially she is described in that way, but she is also a spy sent to Seven's Leauge by Guneil. Nevertheless, everybody knows that she is Guneil's spy. She is considered as playing the role of unofficial hotline, as it were.

Since she is a spy who can't be allowed to walk on the street a will, so she was hired as a lecturer for Odessa Academy in Seven's Leauge in order for Odessa Academy to easily watch and supervise her.

The fact that she is a spy and keeps the position of chief captain is evidence that the position holds no actual power.

It is natural that she doesn't remain aware of being a spy in such a situation.

At the moment, she performs her duty as a lecturer while being absorbed in handling her fan club. She often appears on the stage of musicals and is obtaining overwhelming support from the people of her particular class.

She doesn't avoid the inconvenience because she likes being popular among the people. She became undead herself, but she doesn't much like to be treated as an undead."

- Renny's character detail from the shop.


  • Health Point: 1350
  • Armour Point: 900
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 720

Controls and Combo List

Frenny combo list

Flame Renny's Controls and Combo List from the beta.


Flame Renny's Controls and Combo List from the official release.

Type Attack Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost effect


L Renny shifts to the left and hits the enemy twice.

330 - 345 (Front damage)

490 - 510 (Back damage)

Ground L->L Renny hits her opponent with two straight jabs.

700 - 735 (Front damage)

1040 - 1080 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L Renny finishes the combo with two cross chops.

1030 - 1085 (Front damage)

1530 - 1590 (Back damage)



L->R Renny lauches her foe into the air with a blazing backflip kick.

625 - 650 (Front damage)

740 - 760 (Front Alt + R)

925 - 955 (Back damage)

1075 - 1105 (Back Alt + R)

The Alt + R version has one of the fastest charge up times in the game.

Can lead into Space + L, Space +L->L, and Space + R due to L->R's fast cooldown time.

Alt + R will break through guard and do more damage.
Ground L->R->R Renny teleports behind the enemy and kicks them in the back.

880 - 1035 (Front damage)

995 - 1145 (Front Alt + R)

1180 - 1340 (Back damage)

1330 - 1490 (Back Alt + R)

This attack typically does back damage, but in some cases, like when attacking from the side, it does front damage instead.

Can lead into Space + R since Renny is still in the air after the attack hits.

Ground R Renny pounds the ground with her fist and summons a stationary, flaming tornado in front of her.

375 - 425 (Front damage)

495 - 545 (Back damage)

Inflicts burn damage.

Breakdown includes burn damage.

Can hit multiple people.

Ground R->R

Renny sends the tornado forward in a straight line.

(Alt + R Version) Renny sends out a tornado behind her along with the one sent forwards.

255 - 730 (Front damage)

330 - 805 (Front Alt + R)

315 - 910 (Back damage)

405 - 1000 (Back Alt + R)

Inflicts burn damage.

Breakdown includes burn damage.

Can hit multiple people.

Min damage includes second R + min burn damage.

Max damage includes both R's + max burn damage.

Alt + R does more damage and launches the opponent in the air.

Air Space + L Renny leaps into the air and performs a horizontal kick with her left leg.

335 - 345 (Front damage)

495 - 505 (Back damage)

Used to gain additional damage on an airborn enemy. Can lead into Space + R

Air Space + L->L Renny kicks the enemy twice while in the air.

135 - 655 (Front damage)

205 - 955 (Back damage)

Used to gain additional damage on an airborn enemy. Can lead into Space + R

Min damage is only the second kick.

Max damage is both kicks and Space + L

Air Space + R

Renny dives towards the ground with a blazing kick.

(Alt + R version) Renny twirls and leaves a trail of flames behind her as she dive towards the enemy with both feet.

415 - 465 (Front damage)

590 - 620 (Front Alt + R)

555 - 605 (Back damage)

765 - 795 (Back Alt + R)

Inflicts burn damage.

Damage breakdown includes burn damage.

Good for finishing air combos.

Alt + R does more damage and propells the enemy backwards significantly on impact. Burn damage also increases.
Special Shift + Any movement key (W, S, A, or D) Renny teleports towards a given direction. None

Can be used up to three times.

Special Shift + Any movement key + R Renny pounds her fist into the ground, creating shockwaves of fire in her wake that launch the enemy into the air.

20 - 345 (Front damage)

30 - 485 (Back damage)

Good as an opening attack.

Can hit multiple enemies.

Damage increases the closer you teleport to an enemy.


Renny's Rally


(Costs 1 RP)

Renny radiates a pink aura that gives an RP buff to her allies. None None
Deathless Armor


(Costs 5 RP)

Renny summons a red shockwave as red and blue lights float around her, allowing her to revive herself when her health reaches zero. None

It takes roughly 3 seconds for Renny to revive herself.

While reviving, Renny is invincible, but cannot move.

Failing into pits will kill you even when Deathless Armor is active.

Reviving will not refill your AP gauge.


Rage Skills


Renny's Rally: Gives an RP buff to nearby allies.


Deathless Armor: Renny activates a deathless armor. She revives from death when she dies while the armor is on. The armor disappears after she revives.


Costumes and Color Presets


  • While Glacier Renny is simply called Renny on the character select screen and in the shop, Flame Renny retains her full title. From these details, it can be assumed that Flame Renny was created after Glacier Renny.
  • Renny was originally going to be one character that could use both fire and ice magic. This can be seen in early pictures and videos of Archeblade in it's developing stages. The reason for the split is unknown.
    • Renny's name was also originally going to be "Rehiney Rich'lich."
  • Valle, Dic, and Renny were the first characters ever to be created for the game.
  • Renny is the only character in the game that has four costumes.
    • This is because she was chosen by the fans to receive an exclusive Indiegogo costume.
    • Renny's fourth costume is based off her original concept art, which gives her shorter pigtails, stripped kneesocks, and a different hairstyle for her bangs.
    • This costume was to be given out to players that had donated to Codebrush's Indiegogo fundraiser, but due to a coding issue, it was given out to non-contributing players as well. [1]


Archeblade - Fire Rehiney Tutorial-1

Archeblade - Fire Rehiney Tutorial-1

Arche Blade Gameplay Trailer

Arche Blade Gameplay Trailer

Very early footage of Archeblade showing Renny using both fire and ice magic.

ArcheBlade - OBT - Burning Diva Girl

ArcheBlade - OBT - Burning Diva Girl

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