Renoah is a long-ranged character that excels at sniping the enemy from any distance, but has slow speed and few melee attacks. Despite these flaws, Renoah excels at dealing surprising amounts of damage when she goes unnoticed. As such, Renoah truly shines when she has a "behind-the-scenes" role, being able to easily kill enemies in situations where she cannot be singled out as a target. Such scenarios include team fights and huge free-for-all fights. While this hidden agenda playstyle benefits Renoah greatly, it also requires her to depend more on her teammates for support in case she is targeted by an enemy as Renoah herself has difficulty fighting enemies by herself, especially when they close in on her and use close ranged attacks.

Renoah is generally not recommended for beginners due to the precise aim she needs to be efficient and due to the difficulty of fending off enemies targeting her. It is recommended to try another ranged character first for the sake of having experience and practice with using ranged characters. Like with any character, however, gradually gaining experience and improving with a character can be very rewarding. And likewise, Renoah is no exception.


"She is the stepsister of Hyun Woojin and daughter of Remanasarc, who is also Hyun Woojin's teacher. Born with the magic eye of space called 'super space perception', her emotional disability doesn't allow her mind to accept what is seen.

There are only two things that Renoah Collintz people considers as a human being; her father, Remanasarc, and her stepbrother, Hyun Woojin.

From her perspective, anyone other than those two are seen as scumbags that shed blood shooting each other. Lacking emotional communication with other people, she has lived her whole life by decieving others, while disguising her emotions with her exceptional intelligence.

Specialized in arcane-bullet, her remarkable retrospect, insight, and genius all thanks to her eyes, give her an extraordinary power. She hides her abilities from Hyun Woojin because she respects him for trying to keep her from joining battle as much as possible.

Although killing is her forte, she is also highly-skilled in surveillance and reconnaissance, helping Hyun Woojin's affairs many times.

Renoah Collintz is on a quest for righteousness because Hyun Woojin wants it. She attempts to keep her balance between nature and eager desire in this extreme dangerous high wire walking."

- Renoah's character details from the shop.


  • Health Point: 1650
  • Armor Point: 850
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 640

Controls and Combo ListEdit

(Note: All calculations were done with the middle training bot. Data is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0.)

Renoahs's controls and combo list from the beta.


Renoah's controls and combo list from the official release.

Type Move Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost effects



(Costs 1 bullet)

Renoah fires two bullets from her pistol.

220 - 225

(Front damage)

305 - 310 (Back damage)

Has pinpoint accuracy at EVERY range.

Up to six bullets can be fired for additional damage.




(When out of bullets.)

Renoah kicks the enemy, stuning them briefly.

370 - 380 (Front damage)

540 - 545 (Back damage)

Can combo into L->L and L->R None


(When out of bullets.)

Renoah kicks the enemy twice.

605 - 620 (Front damage)

885 - 890 (Back damage)

Like L, it stuns the enemy, but does more damage. None



(When out of bullets.)

Renoah kicks the enemy once, then fires a blast from her shotgun, launching the enemy into the air.

395 - 750 (Front damage)

465 - 1170 (Front Alt + R)

640 - 1085 (Back damage)

690 - 1335 (Back Alt + R)

Damage varies if the blast hits directly or indirectly.

Has the tendency to hit behind the opponent due to it's disjointed hitbox.

Alt + R produces a stronger blast that breaks the enemy's guard.
Ground R Renoah zooms in/zooms out with her sniper rifle. L is used to fire.

295 - 605 (Front damage)

325 - 990 (Back damage)

Requires a full charge to have reliable damage and accuracy. Alt + R instantly grants a full charge
Air Space + L (Costs 1 bullet. Renoah fires two bullets from her pistol.

220 - 225 (Front damage)

305 - 310 (Back damage)

Has pinpoint accuracy at EVERY range.

Up to six bullets can be fired for additional damage.

Air Space + L(when out of ammo) Renoah does a drop kick on the enemy.

280 - 285

(Front damage)

410 - 415 (Back damage)

The kick stalls you in the air for a brief moment.

Air Space + R Renoah jumps into the air and fires her shotgun downwards at an angle.

50 - 350 (Front damage)

60 - 435 (Back damage)

Renoah stalls in the air for a brief moment.

Damage increases the closer you are to the enemy

Air Space + R->R Renoah jumps into the air and fires her shotgun downwards twice.

100 - 770 (Front damage)

100 - 990 (Back damage)

You can move Renoah slightly after each shot.

Damage increases the closer you are to the enemy.

Special Shift Renoah rolls out of harms way. None Can roll in any direction. None


(Costs 1 RP)

Renoah glows red for a moment as an eye is seen closing, revealing the enemies' positions on the map. None

Enemies appear as blinking, red dots for a few seconds to you and all allies.


Inevitable Deadly Shot


(Costs 5 RP)

Two huge red targets appear above and below Renoah as she shoots a magic bullet into the sky. Affected enemies are marked with a red target and then struck by red lasers. 800

The red target functions as a debuff that can be removed by other skills before it inflicts damage.




Perception: Renoah uses a devil's eye to locate all the enemies on the map for a certain amount of time.


Inevitable Deadly Shot: Renoah concetrates all her magic power to shoot a magic bullet to all live enemies in a map.

Inevitable deadly shot can damage some otherwise invulnerable characters in the instances of:

  • Elika during a Bullet Storm
  • Gaspar during a Mad Scientist explosion
  • Cezanne during his Phase Shift

Inevitable Deadly Shot cannot target/damage:

  • Players under the effect of Elrath's Anti-Magic Shield (only works before the debuff is applied)
  • Dan Mei during Embrace of the Empress
  • Valle while under the effect of Mantra Shield
  • Sewon while activating Varja Stance (needs to be timed with precision)
  • "Dead" Rennys who are reviving with Q (can apply the debuff, but cannot damage during the revive)

Inevitable Deadly Shot can be cured with:

  • Sewon's Purify skill. (includes him and nearby teammates.)
  • Anyone that uses a cure debuff potion when the red target appears.

Inevitable Deadly Shot damage can be reduced with:

  • Tiac under the effect of Dragon's Valor

Guide Edit

ArcheBlade Renoah Collintz Basic Guide Edit

Gear Edit

Renoah Collintz (Gear)


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • Renoah is the only character in the game that doesn't speak, only making grunts when she's injured. Considering the fact that Sewon and Ridika were later given lines of dialogue while Renoah didn't recieve any, this was most likely intentional.
  • Renoah is also the only character in the game that can hit enemies from anywhere on the map using her rage skill, "Inevitable Deadly Shot."
  • Renoah is the second slowest character in the game, only being faster than Cezanne.
  • Renoah is the only character in the game that can enter first person mode with an attack.
  • It is possible for Renoah's L->R to hit behind the opponent even when the opponent is facing towards you. This is most likely because of the explosion's odd hitbox and it's ability to go through the opponent, making the hit able to connect. Because of these traits, even guarding the attack can prove to be unreliable since guarding only protects the front of the character from any damage, not the character itself.


ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Renoah

ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Renoah

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