Ridika is a fast, close ranged character that uses speed and evasion to her advantage. She can be described as a hit and run character that can sneak up on an enemy, do significant damage with a combo, and flee to prepare for another assault. However, Ridika only has a few skills that hit enemies in groups and, as such, is better at picking off enemies when they're alone. Recommended for players that want a character with good mobility and/or want to play with a hit and run style.


The Senior General of Seven’s League.

Ridika moved to Tisera after many devils had to move due to an incident known as the «Hell’s Barrel».

She is one of the Succubus that people think are weak in combat, however she was pretty confident in her combat skills and she was willing to enlist into the darkness of the Empress’s army.

She rapidly gained the rank of general within the army.

Ridika does not get along with Renny, and she always wants to torture her in suggestive ways.

Her hobby is gardening."

- Ridika's character details from the shop.


  • Health Point: 1950
  • Armor Point: 1300
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 700

Controls and Combo ListEdit

(Note: All calculations were done with the middle training bot. Data is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0.)

Ridika's Controls and Combo List.

Type Attack Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost Effects
Ground L Ridika slashes horizontally at the enemy with her two swords.

250 - 255 (Front damage)

335 - 340 (Back damage)

Ground L->L Ridika performs a spinning slash at the enemy

540 - 550 (Front damage)

760 - 770 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L Ridika cuts the enemy twice with a diagonal slash.

735 - 760 (Front damage)

1060 - 1085 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->R Ridika slashes and blows a heart towards the enemy, inflicting them with the "Blind Love" debuff.

790 - 805 (Front damage)

890 - 905 (Front Alt + R)

1130 - 1145 (Back damage)

1260 - 1275 (Back Alt + R)

Can be chained into Q.

Ridika slightly pauses before she blows the heart, leaving her vulnerable to attack.

The heart cannot be blocked.

The "Blind Love" debuff lasts only 5 seconds with this attack.

Alt + R blows three hearts horizontally and does more damage.
Ground L->R Ridika lauches the enemy into the air with an vertical slash.

500 - 510 (Front damage)

775 - 785 (Front Alt + R)

725 - 735 (Back damage)

1090 - 1100 (Back Alt + R)

Alt + R breaks through guard and does more damage.
Ground R Ridika moves forwards and spins, swinging her swords in a circle.

340 - 400 (Front damage)

520 - 620 (Front Alt + R)

520 - 560 (Back damage)

920 - 1280 (Back Alt + R)

Alt + R makes the attack stronger and gives Ridika super armor for the attack's duration.
Ground R->R Ridika follows up with more spinning slashes.

620 - 760 (Front damage)

1120 - 1240 (Front Alt + R)

920 - 980 (Back damage)

1840 - 2560 (Back Alt + R)

There's a slight pause after Ridika finishes the attack. Same as Alt + R, but Ridika moves forward again.
Air Space + L Ridika jumps into the air and stab at the opponent.

250 - 255 (Front damage)

370 - 375 (Back damage)

Air Space + R Ridika jumps into the air and slices at the enemy with a cross cut.

250 - 255 (Front damage)

370 - 375 (Back damage)

The attack lifts her up slightly higher. This can be used to gain extra height. None
Air Space + R->R Ridika dives at the opponent with a downward stab.

535 - 545 (Front damage)

790 - 800 (Back damage)

Once used, Ridika cannot stop the dive unless she either touches the ground, gets hit, or falls in a pit. None
Special Shift

(Ground) Ridika flutters her wings and flys for a short period of time.

(Air) Ridika fully extends her wings to glide in the air for a limitted time.


The aerial version of shift provides much more speed and distance.

The ground version only uses a portion of your SP. (Roughly 33% of your SP)

Blind Love F (Costs 3 RP) Ridika uses her magic to confuse the enemy with her beauty, rendering her invisible by applying the "Blind Love" debuff to anyone nearby. 20

Hitting the enemy removes the debuff and gives away your position.

The debuff lasts roughly 10 seconds.

Heartbreaker Q (Costs 1 RP) Ridika detonates the "Blind Love" debuff to inflict damage. 520 - 530 None

Rage SkillsEdit


Blind Love: Ridika dazes an enemy with an inherent beauty of Succubus within a certain area. The enemy gets "Blind Love" debuff, and he/she cannot see her for a while.


 Heartbreaker: It triggers "Blind Love" debuff to explode, dealing damage to the debuffed enemy and the debuff disappears.


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • Ridika was released as a part of the 0.9.8. Update patch.
  • Ridika is one of the only two characters that can turn invisible, the other one being Hyde.
  • She is the only character in the game that can break through an opponent's guard without using a power attack. (This can be done by using her L->L->R.)
  • She is also the only character in the game that can activate her gliding ability while in midair.
  • Ridika has a glitch where if you jump and use her glide on a wall, she will ascend much higher than she usually does. Some spots where she can do this include the invisible walls that surround Under Siege and the small gate in the Training Room.
  • Before Ridika was released, one of the members of Codebrush hinted at her appearance as a playable by posting a picture of her on his Steam account with the captions: "Next Character?" and "Maybe or Not." [1]
  • A couple of changes were made to Ridika's design before she was released. Originally, Ridika had black horns on her head instead of demon wings and the wings on her back were much larger. Her bangs were also changed to shift in the opposite direction.
  • Ridika was also originally based off as a succubus.

A comparison between Ridika's old design and her current design. Her old design is on the left while her current design is on the right.

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