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A realistic populous-religion leader, Sewon the Monk.

He has no doubt that pursuing wealth and power is the most fundamental activity monks have to do. He also believes that praying for prosperity and breaking the absurdity is god's will.

He made Kubera religion as a candid mendicant priest group.

Some say the Kubera has become a huge pyramid scheme, but still, their martial arts and great talent are what grow powerful monks.

They deserved to be considered as much.

Controls and Combo List Edit


Sewon's controls and combo list from the beta.


Sewon's controls and combos from the official release.

Type Attack Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost Effects
Ground L Sewon strikes the enemy with a single right punch.


Ground L->L Sewon deliveers a barrage of punches in one direction.


Ground L->L->L Sewon knocks the enemy back with a sweep.


Ground L->R Sewon uppercuts the enemy into the air.


Alt + R breaks through guard and does more damage.
Ground R Sewon delivers a powerful quake attack to enemies within the golden ring.


Ground R->R Sewon charges a powerful quake attack to enemies within a slightly larger radius.


Ground R->R->R Sewon charges a devastating quake attack to enemies within and near a slightly larger radius. tba
Air Space + L Sewon throws a punch downward to an enemy.


Air Space + R tba


Special Shift

Sewon is briefly invincible from enemy attacks.



Purify F (Costs 3 RP) Sewon removes any negative debuffs to himself and nearby allies. None None
Cycle of Death and Rebirth Q (Costs 1 RP) Sewon trades HP amount within his position. tba None

Rage Skills Edit

Purify Purity - Sewon cancels all harmful magic upon himself and allies around him with Kubera's power Cycleofdeathandrebirth Cycle of Death and Rebirth - Sewon exchanges his HP with a target. He gets more of the enemy's HP while giving away only half of his HP unless the enemy escapes from the AOE in a certain time.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with Ridika, Sewon initially did not have a voice when he was first introduced.
  • During the beta of Archeblade, Sewon's space + R initially had recoil, making Sewon move backwards when he used the attack. The recoil was later removed to make Sewon easier to use as a rush-down character.
  • Sewon initially didn't get super armor when he used his "Cycle of Death and Rebirth" skill. This left him susceptible to attacks during the animation and after it took effect. Later, he was given super armor when he used the skill to give him more survivability, allowing him to kill off weakened opponents without having to worry about hitstun.
    • These changes, along with a few minor tweaks, allowed players to use Sewon more offensively in the final release.
  • Sometime after the official release, players found a glitch that allowed Sewon to move while using his R skill. This glitch was never fixed.


Archeblade - Sewon The Monk

Archeblade - Sewon The Monk

Archeblade - Waka Flocka Flame, Bitch

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