"Summer is comming! Its time to shop for swimwear!"

Summer island is a free-for-all map that was added as a part of the August 2013 Summer Update patch. Similar to it's older counterpart, Naga's Pit the goal is to gain a certain amount of points through kills and assists before the other players reach that amount. In this case, the default amount of points to reach is 30 and the default maximum amount of players on each Summer Island server is 5, though these settings can vary depending on the server's settings.


Summer Island is a small map compared to Naga's Pit, having only a beach area and a small, elevated island to traverse. The player can reach the small island using the two teleporters at the bottom as well as the ramps that lead up to the island. On the island itself, there's a small bridge extending from the island that has a gap in it, allowing the player to either jump down or stay to get a better view of the battlefield below. The beach below has a few wide open areas, allowing for many people to fight in one spot. Falling into the ocean surrounding the map results in instant death. There are five pickups on the map:

  • One SP can be found pickup underneath the bridge.
  • One SP pickup is near the left side ramp.
  • One RP pickup is on a small strip of land that branches off from the main land.
  • One RP pickup can be found near the rocky wall on the edge of the map.
  • One HP pickup is in the center of the elevated island.

As with Naga's Pit, there are several small HP pickups scattered across the map. These can be found on the ramps and near the teleporters.

The Walson for the "Where is Walson?" achievement can also be on the elevated island near the bridge. Most players will generally complete the achievement by complete accident.



  • The Walson itself is an reference to the movie; "Cast Away," where the main character becomes stranded on an tropical island and befriends a volleyball out of loneliness. He names his companion "Wilson" after the sports manufacturer that made the ball, Wilson Sporting Goods.
  • It is possible to land on the rocks near the small stretch of beach by having a character glide/fly/teleport onto them.
  • It's also possible to glide/fly from the left-most ramp to the bay area on the other side by gliding/flying behind the island.
  • It's possible to land on the edge of the small island far off the map by having the gravity on the server set lower than normal. You would have to jump towards the island and utilizes aerial attacks that had recoil. (Glacier Renny's aerial ice projectiles, Gaspar's aerial cannon shots, etc.)
    • Even without low gravity, characters like Gaspar and Ridika can glide to an underwater stalagmite near the small island from the end of the broken bridge. Gaspar still needs to use the recoil from his cannon shots to gain extra distance and height while Ridika can simply glide there if she jumps toward the island before she glides.
      • Warning: It is possible to get stuck on the island's underwater wall if you go too far. Your character will not be able to move, jump, or use any attacks. The only way to fix this is to leave the server.

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