The Training Room is a map in Archeblade that has been in the game since it's closed beta. It's main purpose is to allow players to learn about how each champion is used as well as practice with them. With that in mind, the map allows you to use every character in the game. In earlier stages of the game, this map could not be selected from "Network Play" and had to be selected through the "Training" option on the main menu. As of the official release, however, players can also create servers that allow for multiple players to play in the Training Room. While the main purpose of the map is still the same, most players will use the server to have free-for-alls, 1v1's, or for simply playing around.

When this map is selected from the "Training" option, the player has a set of commands that they can toggle at their leisure.


The list of commands that can be used in Training mode.

  • Pressing "H" will bring up a character's controls and combo list.
  • Pressing "G" will allow the player to change characters.
  • Pressing "1" will refill one RP bar per press.
  • Pressing "2" will turn on/turn off having infinite SP.
  • Pressing "3" will turn on/turn off the bot's AI.

All of these commands (Except for "G") will not work if the map is selected from "Network Play.

Description Edit

The Training Room is a large, circular, and desolate arena with two gates facing each other on opposite ends. The player will spawn in the center of the arena along with five Express Security Guards; Three Type Alpha and two Type Beta. Behind the player are pillars that can be used for cover from incoming projectiles. There are a total of three pickups that can be collected here.

  • The SP pickup can be found towards the upper left of the arena.
  • The HP pickup can be found in front of the gate behind the security guards.
  • The RP pickup can be found in the upper right part of the arena.

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  • Turning on the bot's AI will start a minigame where you try to kill as many security guards as possible. The game will keep track of how many you've killed and the bots will get stronger, faster, and spawn with more HP and AP each time you kill them. There is no reward for doing this and is only there for entertainment and practice purposes.
  • Most multiplayer servers will not have the security guards appear.
  • With Ridika's shift glitch, you can climb up to the top of the gate near the security guards. This cannot be done with the gate on the opposite side as that gate is higher than the map's height.
  • It is possible to get on top of the pillars near the bigger gate by using Elrath's teleport or with Ridika's shift glitch. The former method is easier to use.
  • When the game came out of beta, the Training Room had underwent many changes from it's previous beta incarnation.
    • The player would spawn near the big gate rather than in the center of the map.
    • Instead of security bots, a random champion would spawn along with the player. This champion had no AI and would only move to return to it's original position or to face the player. Each time a champion was killed, another random champion would spawn in to take it's place. The list of possible champions that would appear include Elrath, Renoah, Valle, Dic, Gaspar, and Tiac.
    • Instead of having a "Bot AI" command, there was a "Dummy mode" command that would give the champion infinite HP.
  • The Type Beta and Type Alpha bots are based off of the Type Z guards; that were introduced as a part of Codebrush's Indiegogo campaign.
  • The Training Room has no map. If you try to pull up the map by pressing either "8" or "6", a green arrow will appear that shows your position, but nothing else will be displayed and the green arrow will not move.
    • Pressing "8" will also bring up the respawn screen for when you get killed by a security guard.
  • The "You're D.E.A.D." message will only appear when a bot kills you. Using Gaspar's Mad Scientist rage skill will not make the message appear.


ArcheBlade Official Release Training Teaser

ArcheBlade Official Release Training Teaser

A teaser for the revamped training mode that was made by Codebrush.

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