"Take down the opposing team until your team gets the target wins."

Under Siege is a 3 VS 3 team death-match that ends when the total of kills for one team reaches 30. Unlike most team death-match maps, Under Siege allows you to respawn and fight again within the same match.


Compared to the likes of Steam Canal, this map is smaller in terms of size with not that many places to run or hide, being limited to the open spawn areas and objects such as rocks, pillars, and trees for cover. Unlike mosts maps and similarly to Altar of War, this map does not have RP pickups or SP pickups, having only a large HP pickup in the middle of the map. 



  • In early versions of the game, an identical map known as Night Under Siege could also be played. While it still retained the same map as Under Siege, it's game mode was more similar to Steam Canal as players would not respawn after death. After a while, Night Under Siege was removed from the game, possibly due to being too similar to Under Siege.
  • Like Altar of War, there are no hazards to kill the player.
    • This trait, along with the seldom pickups available, make this map and Altar of War popular for players who like to have 1v1 fights.
  • The respawn timer for this map will adjust your time with the times of your teammates, making it more likely for you to respawn with all of your teammates similtaneously if everyone on one team dies. While this could possibly apply to other maps as well, it is especially evident when playing at Under Siege.
  • Another glitch allowed players to get on top of the stone arch near Queen's Land spawn area. A video of this can be seen here. As of the official release, this has been patched out.
  • It is possible to teleport above the roof in Seven League's spawn using Elrath. This can be done by jumping into the air, teleporting at the height of her jump, and then using her J->R to hold yourself in place. Since Elrath cannot move while using her J->R and will eventually release her projectile, Elrath cannot remain on top of the roof forever.
    • Under Siege has a particular glitch that allows the player to escape the map's boundaries using the method mentioned above. Instead of simply teleporting above the roof, however, the player must teleport onto an invisible platform placed in a specific spot and escape from the map from there. This glitch is extremely difficult to perform and has no practical use.

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