Valle is a tank character, having high HP and good speed, making her one of the best free units in the game. She has strong utility in team fights by having a skill that heals her and her teammates in addition to having a super armor ability. A few of her attacks have a lightning element to them that reduces the opponent's stamina. If played to her strengths, Valle can hold her own in one on one combat and even against a group of people. Be wary that some of her attacks leave her vulnerable to faster characters such as Elika, Ridika, and Renny. She doesn't have any ranged attacks, so she must rush down ranged characters before they chip away too much of her health. Valle's high AoE (Area of Effect) moves can allow more experienced players to solo multiple opponents. A good character for both beginners and experts, she is recommended for those who like to take damage, but also dish it out.


"Dragon Princess"

"A great granddaughter of The Dragon Emperor of Madness, Zath.

Her father, Nagitrea, took sides with Nagcia who revolted against the Dragon Emperor Zath and was finally defeated. In fact, the people who plotted treason were supposed to be killed, but they avoided death because they were cognates of the Dragon Emperor. Since then, Valle Estrada has believed in Mahāvairocana Tantra, which was the indigenous religion of the Dragon tribe and commanded militia on the front lines of battle when the Empress of Darkness invaded Seven’s League.

By utilizing “the Light of Vitarka” of Mahāvairocana Tantra and power, which she inherited from the Dragon Emperor, she showed off remarkable skills while attracting popularity among soldiers on the front lines of battle. She has wide support from the public of Seven’s League. However, many people hate her just because she is from the Dragon tribe. Some people suspect that the madness of Dragon Emperor Zath will affect her in some way.

Despite these suspicions, she has shown her commitment to Seven’s League and was given the honorable position of Senior General by the Congress of Seven’s League.

The title of Senior General symbolizes a guardian god of each country and was given to a field officer only in wartime.

Of course Princess Valle Estrada knew well that the Congress suggested the position of Senior General in order to keep her in check.

However, she accepted the position of Senior General because she had no plan to struggle with Congress. She was satisfied with the position of Senior General but lost the position by making a decision in conflict with Queen’s Land. Since she released the position of Senior General, she ran for civil sheriff and became the Sheriff of Daffenal.

At the moment she is a sheriff, but her name is always on the list of potential candidates when it comes time to choose the next Senior General of Seven’s League."

- Valle's character details from the shop.


  • Health Point: 2250
  • Armor Point: 1700
  • Stamina Point: 70
  • Speed: 750

Controls and Combo ListEdit

(Note: All calculations were done with the middle training bot. Data is rounded to the nearest 5 or 0.)

Valle's controls and combo list from the beta.


Valle's controls and combo list from the official release.

Type Attack Description Damage Breakdown Notes Boost Effects
Ground L Valle hits the enemy with the stick of her hammer.

155 - 160 (Front damage)

230 - 235 (Back damage)

Ground L->L Valle swings her hammer horizontally

335 - 345 (Front damage)

500 - 510 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->L Valle pounds the hammer into the ground, leaving blue light in it's wake.

515 - 530 (Front damage)

770 - 785 (Back damage)

Ground L->L->R Valle does short jump and spins, then smashes her hammer into the ground to create a shockwave of lightning.

350 - 630(Front damage)

350 - 755(Front Alt + R)

525 - 690 (Back damage)

525 - 765 (Back Alt + R)

The R at the end strikes behind the opponent, accumulating back damage.

if the shockwave hits the enemy far away, it will do less damage.

Alt + R does more damage and launches the opponent in the air.
Ground L->R Valle swings her hammer upwards, launching the enemy,

335 - 345 (Front damage)

400 - 410 (Front Alt + R)

500 - 510 (Back damage)

590 - 600 (Back Alt + R)

Alt + R breaks through guard, does more damage, and launches the opponent in the air.
Ground R Valle spins in a circle once while swinging her hammer.

205 - 210 (Front damage)

310 - 315 (Back damage)

This attack can drain an opponent's stamina.

Can hit an opponent being juggled.

Ground R->R Valle does another spin with her hammer.

410 - 420 (Front damage)

620 - 630 (Back damage)

Same as R None
Ground R->R->R Valle finishes the combo with two more spins.

635 - 660 (Front damage)

965 - 990 (Back damage)

The last R hits multiple times and has the same effects as the other R's.

The cooldown time after this attack can leave you vulnerable.

Air Space + L Valle jumps and swings her hammer diagonally in the air.

180 - 185 (Front damage)

270 - 275 (Back damage)

Air Space + R Valle holds her hammer behind her as she dives towards the ground, then she pounds the ground to create a shockwave.

30 - 160 (Front damage)

35 - 220 (Front Alt + R)

45 - 235 (Back damage)

55 - 315 (Back Alt + R)

Like many diving attacks, Valle cannot stop her momentum, meaning she will keep diving until she hits the ground, an enemy, gets attacked, or falls in a pit.

This attack can also hit behind the enemy, but less often.

if the shockwave hits the enemy far away, it will do less damage.

Alt + R does more damage and launches the opponent in the air.
Special W + Shift Valle sprints forward with her shield out in front. None None
Special W + Shift + R Valle hits the opponent with an electrified shoulder tackle.

180 - 185 (Front damage)

270 - 275 (Back damage)

Aura of Mercy F

Valle raises her hammer upwards and summons a green aura that heals her and allies within the green circle for a limited time. (Cost 1 RP)


The more RP you have upon activation, the longer the aura lasts and the more healing you get as a result.

(1 RP = 5 seconds.

(Max = 25 seconds.)

(1 RP = 550 HP.

(Max = 2750 HP)

Mantra Shield Q

Valle raises her hammer upwards and summons a gold, glowing shield that protects her from hitstun and a certain amount of damage for a limited time. (Costs 3 RP)

45 - 50 (Front damage)

55 - 60 (Back damage)

Pressing E will deal a small amount damage to enemies nearby at the cost of roughly 40% of your SP.

The shield can roughly absorb 1000 damage.

The shield lasts 15 seconds before disappearing.


Guide Edit

ArcheBlade Valle Basic Guide Edit

Rage SkillEdit

Aura of Mercy: Valle creates a healing aura  while RP runs out. Allies recover their HP in the aura.

Mantra Shield:         Valle creates a divine shield that protects her for a while. The shield disappears after a certain time or absorbing a certain amount of damage.


Valle Estrada Draco Emperatore (Gear)


Costumes and Color PresetsEdit


  • Along with Renny and Dic, Valle was one of the first playable characters to be created when Archeblade first started.
  • Out of the three, Valle has the least amount of changes compared to her original concept.
  • When the game was officially released, buying a starter pack would give you the Dragon Wings gear for Valle.


ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Valle

ArcheBlade - Character Tutorial Valle

我的ArcheBlade遊玩2-Valle(summer skin)

我的ArcheBlade遊玩2-Valle(summer skin)

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